Friday, January 16, 2009

Righteous, God-fearing Conservatives Attack!

"Libs (perhaps you) can’t handle the truth."
"Fact: where libs are in charge with their gun restrictions and social engineering tax and spend welfare handouts, deaths from crime go up, taxes go up, quality of education goes down, business seeks greener pastures taking jobs with ‘em, and political/union corruption is rife. "

“Masked Liberal Evangelist (I'd be embarrassed, too, and wear a mask), I'd settle for the MSM treating Wright with the same level of disdain they treat Robertson, Falwell, et al.Perhaps you can point out examples of the MSM giving such treatment to Wright or anyone of his like? Pending that, I assuming you're full of sh*t.”

“Boy is it obvious why some are masked. Project much? When will the Left put down their "handful of mud"? (I'm guessing it's never. It's okay when Lefties say nasty things about Republicans.)… I mean, seriously, why don't you pick up and bag the Jolt Cola cans, the old Domino's boxes, back away from the keyboard, leave Mom's basement and get a real job?”

“Masked idiot, I abhor and detest the things any leader may say that is absurd or unproven in the name of God.You should do the same with racist false teacher Jeremiah Wright who teaches a false gospel of hatred based upon Black Values...…Obama has no integrity. He is a liar bordering on the pathological. He worked with unrepentent terrorist, slum lords, the diry Chi-town machine and in this election He TURNED OFF security checks ONLINE for his Donations so they could not be REJECTED for false ID. That is SCUMBAG material. Crooks and Criminals do that Masked Idiot.”

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