Monday, November 1, 2010

Alternate Scenario Future History

Scenario #1
The 2010 midterm election marked the beginning of the New American Renaissance. After just two years of devastating socialism and fascism, voters were desperate for real change and finally ready to embrace free market principles and end big government oppression. The brilliant Senator Christine O'Donnell and savvy Sharron Angle led the way in the legislative ambush of the Democrat senators, while Representative Michelle Bachmann used her charisma and command of the issues to utterly vanquish the remaining Democrat members in the House. The Constitution was restored and the Obama administration was left reeling from the scores of corruption hearings that had decimated his cabinet.

All this was but a prelude to the 2012 election. The conventional wisdom was that "President" Obama would not seek re-election, but in truth, no other Democrat was willing to run, so George Soros and other elites threatened and cajoled the hapless Kenyan to run once more. Meanwhile Governor Sarah Palin's flawlessly logical and magnificently delivered debate performances in the early primaries led the way for her winning the Republican nomination in early February. Her selection of Alan Keyes as her running mate only increased the media frenzy surrounding her by the fall. The clinically depressed incumbent chief executive, once known for his fiery socialist rhetoric, refused to accept any debate format, relying on internet inneundo and dirty tricks to try and gain four more years of corruption and erosion of freedom. Americans had grown immune to such cynical attacks and lies, so it was no suprise when November ushered in aRepublican landslide of epic proportions. The very day after the elections, now known as "Mama Grizzly Bull" Wednesday, saw a euphoric stock market go wild, accomplishing more in one day than the Kenyan Usurper's nearly 4 years in office could achieve. To the suprise of all, the Palin transition was a peaceful one. Soon she and Congress slashed the Federal Budget and ended invasive government regulation of business. Privte enterprise took over the functions of the now defunct incmpetent big government bureaucracy, ushering in an era of peace, prosperity and strength.
Obama retired to his homeland of Kenya, where he became an Islamic cleric, defeated and addicted to anti-depressants.

Scenario #2
After taking back the House and splitting the Senate, Republicans accomplished very little and wasted valuable time in partisan bickering and inaction. Disiilusioned Tea Partiers gravitated towards the Libertarian party after their candidates proved to be susceptible to the lure of Washington power and privelege, allowing President Obama to narrowly win a second term in 2012.