Saturday, December 13, 2008

Politics as usual

An Illinois governor caught trying to sell a senate seat to the highest bidder. An Alaskan senator (fond of wearing Incredible Hulk ties) guilty of receiving unreported gifts. A New York governor indicted in a ho ho ho scandal. An anti-Gay Republican caught having a wide stance in an airport washroom. A moderately conservative Florida congressman vows to leave no congressional page unturned.

Which party is more corrupt? According to a blog posted on American Thinker, Democrats are 4 times (or 300%) more corrupt than Republicans. The blog relies on data from the National Taxpayers Union compiling convictions of major offenses by members of Congress from 1992-1999.
On the other hand (the one on the left) CREW lists the 20 most corrupt members of Congress and has the Republicans leading 13 to 7. No matter what your party affiliation, your bleeding heart or conservative principles are bound to be broken by a politician at some point.

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