Friday, December 19, 2008

Judge Dread

I often complain that the Republocrats and the Demublicans are two wings of the same party, but the next appointment to the Supreme Court is one that will most likely reveal some legitimate party differences. A few weeks ago I suspected that Mrs. Clinton would be the most likely to get the job, but it seems she's willing to brave the gunfire traveling around the world as Secretary of State.
There's no doubt that the next Supreme will be female. I doubt that she, whoever it is, will have had to put up with the same sexism that Sandra Day O'Connor did back in the conservative golden age of the 1950s. A quick review of Wikipedia shows that O'Connor graduated toward the top of her Stanford law class (and at one point dated class valedictorian William Rehnquist) but no law firm in California would hire her, although one firm offered her the opportunity to be a legal secretary. Young Ms. O'Connor had no choice but to turn to working for the government.

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