Friday, April 1, 2011

Four More Years

The Republicans actually have a funny Youtube video. Often conservative humor falls flat when it mocks liberal ideals of helping the poor or disadvantaged, but this one goes after the gap between his campaign rhetoric and reality. It also features Our President riding a flying unicorn leaving a rainbow jetstream.

President Obama has certainly brought die hard liberals and conservatives together in expressing anger and outrage over his actions (or inactions).
Imagine if there were a modern Oracle of Delphi that presidential candidates channeled on inauguration day:
President Reagan: I will cut taxes for the rich in half, raise taxes on everyone else, preside over the dismantling of American manufacturing, offer to cut the nuclear arsenal in half and share Star Wars Technology with the Russians, and negotiate the sale of arms to Iran.
President Bush: Read my lips: new taxes.
President Clinton: I will give up on making health care affordable, behave like a moderate Republican, allow myself to be seduced both by an intern my daughter's age and transnational corporate interests.
President George W. Bush: I will preside over the worst terrorist attack on our shores, invade Afghanistan, use faulty intelligence to invade Iraq, preside over the biggest economic disaster since the great depression, and bail out banks with hundreds of miillions of dollars.
President Obama: I will lower taxes even further than my predeccessor, continue his policies towards the Miltary Industrial Entertainment Complex with the same chairmen at Defense and the Fed.

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