Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sins of the world

Homosexuality and aids. Abortion, birth control, and sex education. Feminism. Pornography.
 For years the religious right has been obsessed with the naughtiness of sin, concentrating on pelvic issues: the sins of the flesh. Meanwhile, sins of the world run rampant -greed, corruption, abuse of power and all the death, wars, sickness and suffering that result.  Conservatives mock Obama as "The One," a politician who is pompous and self-important, and whose followers are gullible zealots. Such criticisms remind me of President Bush, the former darling of the Religious Right.  Back in May 2003, an evangelist co-worker gushed about this godly man, and how inspiring he was when he descended onto a battleship to declare major combat operations are over in Iraq. What followed afterwards was not so inspiring. While conservatives worry that the sins of the flesh will be tolerated or even promoted by a government with a Democratic president, the moderate voters seem to be bothered by the consequences of the Bush administration's embrace of the sins of the world. 

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