Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Stay At Home Days

Since Friday, June 13th I've been staying at home and getting on my wife's nerves. Tomorrow I go back to being a special education teacher. I'll be working an hour and a half longer each day, pay more for health insurance, commute twice as long and get paid $1,000 less than my previous librarian job, but I will have health insurance starting next month.
I visited my new class of 9 African American teenagers with autism a couple days ago. One young man had to be removed from the room because he was inappropriately touching a female staff member. Another rolled around on the floor for half an hour, and another couldn't tolerate wearing his shirt for about 15 minutes. All this on the day "former Playboy playmate" Jenny McCarthy and actress Amanda Peet' feud over vaccinations suspected role in causing autism made the news.

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