Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Preschool theology

Three years ago my eldest kids went to the local Catholic church for Bible Camp. Every day they would tell me tidbits of cosmic knowledge revealed unto them by the good Church Ladies of St. Michael's. Here is one such exchange...

Annie (age 5): We also learned about God and the things he put in the sky--not bugs and insects--angels and birds and suns and God and all the things God made for us!

David (age 3): Remember when God gave us the water?

Anna: He snapped his fingers and light came. He snapped like this (snap)

Rebecca (age 5): God gave us the people and the water and everything.

Dad (age 44): Did God give us the devil?

Anna: NO!

Dad: Then who gave us the Devil?
Anna: Artists. Artists drew the devil with paint.

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