Wednesday, August 13, 2008

more Obama-nations

An article appeared in the Wall Street Journal last week entitled "McCain Web Ad Is Accused Of Linking Obama to Antichrist" -and Democrats complained the swift boating of John Kerry was bad!

It says suggestions "that Sen. Obama is the antichrist have been circulating for months in Bible-study meetings in towns like Chillicothe, Ohio, where congregants compare his remarks and his biography with verses from the Bible."

Of course, if Obama really were the anti-christ, Christians SHOULD vote for him to help usher in the rapture and Armageddon, which they believe are all pre-ordained as part of God's plan.

One nay-sayer is the author of the Left Behind series, The Rev. Tim La-Haye (although he collaborated with a holy-ghost writer), who said that he recognized allusions to his work in the ad, but comparisons between Sen. Obama and the anti-christ are incorrect.
"The antichrist isn't going to be an American, so it can't possibly be Obama. The Bible makes it clear he will be from an obscure place, like Romania."

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