Saturday, February 26, 2011

PC gonna get your Mamma

I recently heard a respected old school journalist claim that "political correctness" has caused "a tremendous loss of life." Unfortunately he didn't have time to elaborate.
Political correctness means different things to different people. To me, PC is about trying to avoid perpetuating racism and sexism through they way we portray other people. It's about respect and even politeness. I found it funny back in the eighties when politically priviledged people would complain about feeling threatened by PC. No longer could they complain in public about lazy black people living it up on welfare, or women being too emotional to hold important jobs (other than working with kids or assisting males). Maybe they'd suffer the indignity of being told to say "disabled" instead of "crippled" or use gender neutral terms like firefighter or chairperson. Oh how we poor white disadvantaged caucasian Americans have had to suffer under such totalitarian tyranny.
When the left complains about racism and sexism, the anti-PC forces cry censorship. The right does the same thing with "unAmerican" speech. Just ask the Dixie Chicks or Bill Maher. Certain conservatives have even tried to use political correctness to their advantage, such as Glenn Beck portraying President Obama as a racist or dirty trickster/blogger Andrew Breitbart's selective editing of a video that made it appear as if an employee of the US Agriculture Dept. had discriminated against a white farmer.

The latest outrageous anti-PC move can be found at:

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