Monday, December 27, 2010

2010-Another year of National Doublethink

For the past two years, Tea Partiers have wanted their country and freedoms back. Who is it that took over their country and what freedoms have been lost? Is it freedom of religion and the freedom to prevent Islamic centers from being built? The freedom to only have a "full blooded" American as president? The freedom to protest higher taxes when they haven't actually risen?

Appropriately, Dick Armey, the Tea Party mover and shaker, Washington outsider and former House Majority leader from 1995-2002 has won the National Council of English Teachers' Doublespeak award for his leadership of FreedomWorks. In grand Doublespeak style, Armey objected to wellness programs and anti-smoking efforts in the "socialistic" health care bill, stating

"―If there are no smokers, how are we going to pay for health reform? But then again, if we can pay farmers for not growing tobacco, perhaps we can tax nonsmokers for however much they're not smoking."

An even bigger winner this year was Sarah Palin:

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