Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How much will tuition cost in the Afterlife?

It's been half a year since the Rev. Roberts passed over to the other side...

Oral Roberts Tells Conference He Has Raised People From the Dead


Published: June 27, 1987

TULSA, Okla., June 26 1987—

...''All of us in the ministry could talk about that, of certain dead ones raised, died right while I was preaching,'' Mr. Roberts told more than 5,000 people Thursday at the closing of the Charismatic Bible Ministries conference.

''I had to stop and go back in the crowd and raise the dead person so I could go ahead with the service,'' Mr. Roberts said. He also said God had told him he would ''be coming back,'' and he ''got this picture that I would be coming to Tulsa.'' 'I'm Going to Rule'

''I'm looking to the world to come because I'm not going to stay over there,'' Mr. Roberts said. ''I'm coming back. And I'm going to help bring that world to come with me and put it right on top of this world right here that's been persecuting me. And I'm going to get my rightful place. I'm going to rule and I'm going to reign. You look at Oral Roberts University, what happens to it when I get back from the other side.''

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