Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary

After all we've done to the Iraqi people, protesters in Iraq are setting US flags on fire. Why just six years and a couple of days ago that would have been illegal. Well, maybe not burning the US flag, but burning the Iraqi flag would have been illegal. Welcome to democracy.

"We're on the way to the Persian Gulf. It's a mistake! I thought they said Persian Golf."
-Mr. Bob Hope

Friday, March 13, 2009

More funding for education and unemployment benefits? SOCIALISM!

A couple of weeks ago, eighth grade letter writer Ty'Sheoma Bethea sat next to the first lady at the president's state of the nation speech. Tysheoma had written a letter to congress about her crumbling South Carolina school, and the media ate it up. Now South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says state stimulus money won't go to school projects. Read about it at CNN.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Money Part 2

I just looked at the Iraqi Coalition Provisional Authority's website, which is still up and being sponsored by (BUY IRAQI DINARS!) The third story on the page (from June 2004) boasted that representatives of Iraq's banks are meeting with U.S. and international financial experts.
"Reconstruction and modernization of the private banking sector is essential for economic growth in Iraq," said Kevin Woelflein, Senior Advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance with the Coalition Provisional Authority. "This visit has provided the delegates with a valuable opportunity to learn about modern banking practices and will help to make private banks the core of the future banking structure in Iraq."
I wonder how it all worked out.

Money Part One

I got my pay stub Friday. So far I haven't earned enough money for federal taxes to be withheld in 2009, thanks in part to my $250 bi-weekly health insurance deduction.

Daughter # 2 asked if she could accompany me shopping. I'm sure she wants to add a few items to the cart. Maybe I'll show her the above video.
Disney is releasing a Schoolhouse Rock DVD of new cartoons about conservation at the end of this month. I wonder if it will feature things like failed levees, mudslides and tsunamis. Probably not, although I bet there'll be a polar bear and penguins.
I'd like the chance to update some of their old videos to reflect current practices. There's the one about the Constitution that could show how the Bush administration had modified certain sections regarding search and seizures and government surveillance. Just for fun, I'd try and work in a human pyramid of naked prisoners forced to masturbate and Old School Chicago Police interegation practices of Black suspects. Then there is this video:

Just think of how we would have to adapt this video to reflect today's Capitalist-run lemon socialism.
NEWSBOY: Extra! Extra! Latest Wall Street Bailout!
TALIKING PIGEON: Here's a quarter. Keep the change!
NEWSBOY:HEY! The paper costs 60 cents!

You gotta be cool

When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Like goin' to school
The big kids take your lunch money every day
And this is the rule
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Buy low, sell fast
get the gov’ment to save yer ass
That's the Wall Street way
TALKING CAPITALIST PIGEON: When you use your money to make more money, that's called an investment. When you invest in a corporation, that means you own your own share of it, unless you’re a little person who pays taxes at the standard rate. You'll have to pay the money the Fed is giving us when the Chinese Communists cash in their T Bills.
The companies that manufacture things we use

Like condoms and DVDs and high-top shoes
are prisons and sweat shops across the ocean
away from intrusive federal regulation.

Ranting Pigeon: That's called "stock." Smart investors look to buy stock in a company based in the Cayman Islands or Quatar.

Here's a stock that's looking mighty good, I think.
Whiz Bang Beer -- that's my favorite drink.
Looks as if their sales are going up sky-high
In a depression, people need alcohol to get by.

MUTANT PIGEON (a SIGN THAT THESE ARE THE END TIMES): Oh, oh! Here's a dime. Keep the change. Stock prices go up and down so smart investors like me buy a little at a time every month. We network, cultivate connections, get information. That way, we can control the ups and downs. It's called "insider trading."
I don't wanna get hurt
When I'm walkin' on Wall Street
I could lose my shirt
Not to mention my laundered cash
So I stay alert
When I'm walkin' on Wall Street
Buy low, sell high
Take the biggest piece of the pie

NEWSBOY: Read all about it! Latest Wall Street flash: Economy on Verge of Collapse!

Well, I came out ahead
And I’m ready to bail
My golden parachute
Is startin' to sail
So remember the rule
When you're walkin' on Wall Street
Borrow and live high
don’t step in the bear pie
Defecating Pigeon: Here's a Euro. Keep the change.
That's the Wall Street way

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dueling Deities

It was last March when the Reverend Wright scandal hit the Obama-loving left wing mainstream media. I checked Youtube yesterday to watch Reverend Wright and to compare him to the Reverend Falwell. Wright shouts "God Damn America" when discussing slavery, while Falwell says God permitted 911 to happen because of abortion. Even more interesting than the videos are the thousands of comments themselves. See if you can guess which righteous preacher/racist anti-American is the topic of each comment.

This man was a monster. People like him are the reason why I am a fervent atheist If a malignant bigot like him is a man of god, then I am proud to be a man of no belief. EcstaticShaman

"Not too many people know this, but he's a closet homosexual."

DAMN FALWELL/WRIGHT TO HELL...He is a piece of Trash and he deserves to be shot

Cancer really is too good for some people...
i have to piss on this guys grave before i die...

Religious people should be culled and their kids should be burned on wooden crosses.

jewishboy86 (3 months ago) firstly and for mostly i would just like to say that i completely dissaprove of all the messages of hate that i have managed to hear out of this church... if you can't stand the heat get the #### out of the kitchen...

. ..Leave America if this is how you feel about our country. If we just sat around and let other countries rape us then we wouldn't be the nation we are. --Joshua 11:20 For it was the LORD HIMSELF who hardened their hearts to wage war against Israel, so that he might destroy them totally, exterminating them without mercy, as the LORD had commanded Moses.

I can see why some people believe in hell.... It is hard for me to go through life without the comfort of knowing that a man like Wright/Falwell will never get what he deserves...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stimulis plan is working!

My local dealer has told me that Obama has revitalized the comic book industry.

RIP Paul Harvey and Philip Jose Farmer

Paul Harvey and Philip Jose Farmer each died last week. Harvey was 90, Farmer was 91. Harvey was staight out of "Babbit," a positive thinking news huckster who was the voice of middle America, until that whippersnapper Limbaugh showed up.

While Harvey was a millionaire big city broadcaster who extolled 1950s white middle class American values, PJF was the one who actually lived in middle America (Peoria). Farmer's fiction was notable for it's dealing with sex, religion, diversity and death.

Farmer wrote Venus on the Half-Shell (1975) , under the pseudonym "Kilgore Trout,"a fictional author who appeared in several novels by Kurt Vonnegut. Some of Mr. Harvey's admirers might find Farmer's fiction dirty or offensive. When I think of Paul Harvey, I think of the unintentional and oblivious mean-spirited
side of the country. The strain of conservativism that doesn't see anything disturbing in U.S. History, other than "liberal fascism."
Here's Paul Harvey's infamous commentary from a few years back.