Friday, June 19, 2009

End Daze

One of the advantages of having multiple messy kids is that customs officials and Jehovah's Witnesses will cut you some slack.
A nice pair of Jehavah's Witnesses gave me this tract- rather than spend ten minutes describing the End of Days- because they had to avoid my kids' stampede down the front steps on the way to the library to enlist in the summer reading program.
It's a shame the citizens of Iraq or Iran aren't Jehovah's Witnesses who won't join the military or meddle in politics. The world is ending sometime soon, and after some unpleasantness we will have people, moose, lions and lambs all lying down together and having nice afternoons together.


Bill from Detroit said...

As one of those JW's, I'd like to thank you for this nice write up. Last Monday I was distributing the invitation to our annual convention and, when I returned a Sister to her car, a young man of 20 years was holding the invitation I had left in his door. He called us over and, after a couple minutes conversation, agreed to an organized study of the Bible.

I now have students aged 20, 52 and 77 ... all men. Interest in what the Bible really teaches has never been higher.

Masked Liberal Evangelist said...

You are welcome Bill. There's a lot you and I would disagree about, but my hat's off to anyone who can go door to door week after week. I lasted 3 weeks campaigning for a "bottle recycling bill" in California and occasionally had people slamming their doors in my face, accusing me of only wanting their money, and laughing in my face.