Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy St. Stupid's Day

The First Church of the Last Laugh is having its 31st celebration today in San Francisco. Part of the ritual is going to the stock exchange and exchanging a sock. For more holy details, check out:

By coincidence- or the unseen hand of the divine- this year's parade coincides with the G20 meeting:


jagiles5 said...

I like the new look John. My suggestion for next year's birthday would include fireworks and explosives. Kids digg that stuff.

Masked Liberal Evangelist said...

I was at a party for a 5 year old boy out in the park yesterday. They had little champagne bottle shaped poppers, which was too loud for some of the attendees. My 9 year old daughters also attended, choosing to be "helpers" rather than attend the Global Warming extravaganza at the local library branch (The place was standing room only according to one libertian/globalwarming skepticl mom who went both events (the mother of the boy who wanted Babar for president and boos when he hears the name of our illustrious Chief Executive)).